The 5 Steps to Your First $1000 a Month

The 5 Tools Required to Quit Your Job and Work Online

For the last 15 years many aspects to Internet Marketing have changed.  The one thing that has remained constant are the core tolls required to make a ton of money online.

What about social media?  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube?

These have changed how we get traffic and interact with people but the end game is still the email list.

What did I base these 5 items on?  Easy.  If someone asked me “what do I need in order to start an online business” .  If they asked me how to make money online, my answer would be different.  The question was how to start an online business.  To make money, you could do a number of things…but to start a business you need some critical tools.

1. Email Autoresponder

Email is still the number one way to stay in touch with your prospects.  This is the most powerful outbound marketing tool in the world.  Within minutes you can reach your entire subscriber base of hundreds, thousands or millions of people.  Email accounts dwarf social media accounts and email is and has been been available an nearly any device.

Watch this video to get some surprising stats on email vs other methods.

I can spend advertising dollars once to capture a lead and follow up with them whenever I want for as long as they remain a subscriber.

When my email list reaches a certain size, I can generate massive traffic on-demand.  Let’s not forget about the auto portion of the autoresponder.  Automation is a massive part of every internet marketing.  Leveraging automation and duplication is how you the leaders scale their business.  Setup your autoresponder once and let it run forever.

There are many autoresponders on the market today compared to only a few years ago.  What’s the best one?  It depends on what you are trying to do and what level your business is at.  Some very successful marketers with huge lists will use the stand Aweber or Getrepsonse products.  I personally recommend Getresponse because of its ease of use and integration is has with hundreds of plugins and online tools.

2. The Landing Page

You need a landing or squeeze in order to capture emails and get them into your autoresponder.  This one-page website is the most profitable type of website ever created.  A great looking landing page with catchy copy will skyrocket your optin rate.


Landing pages have always contained text and sometimes graphics and are now incorporating short videos to boost conversion rates.  Split testing different types of landing pages is critical to optimizing conversions and gather analysis on what types of pages work for different campaigns.  What works for social media traffic may not work for ppc or blog traffic.

It seems every day there is a new landing page creator, plugin or funnel software being released.  It really comes down to price and usability.  Some products have a high monthly recurring fee while others are a one-time payment.  Typically the products with the monthly fee will also host your landing pages so you don’t need to get a hosting account.

The two most popular products are Clickfunnels and Leadpages.  Both of these are easy to use, have lots of templates but are billed monthly.  These are both great products that will host your landing pages and allow you to create all kinds of pages (bridge, thank you, ppc landing pages).

If you are looking for a wordpress plugin page builder, I would recommend Optimizepress.  It has tons of pre-built templates but does require you to have a wordpress site.

My two favorite products are Squeezefunnels and Landing Page Monkey.  They have a one-time fee, allow you to host your landing pages for free and are very easy to use.  The drawback is the lack of pre-built templates.

3. Domain Name

A domain name is a must is you want anyone to take you seriously.  Even if you don’t have a website you still require a domain name to properly email your list.  If you try to use a gmail or yahoo account very few if any of your emails will get delivered.

You can can also use your domain name to redirect to your landing page or affiliate products.  Every domain name registrar will provide this feature for the price of the domain.

Domain name range from $5 – $15 a year, depending on which TLD you choose.  I recommend .com, .net or .co for credibility and ease of remembering.

There are many sites to purchase domain names from.  I personally use Name Cheap and would highly recommend them.  Please do not use GoDaddy unless you like confusing shopping carts and a shit ton of email offers.


4. A Great Offer

Having an online business requires something to sell.  Choosing the right offer for your audience is crucial to conversion rates.  There are so many things to sell I would not no where to begin.  Digital products from market places like Clickbank and Jvzoo are very popular.  You can also make money recommending the tools and services you use like your landing page product and autoresponder.

I like to mix in very useful tools with longer term online systems like Digital Altitude.  Introducing lower ticket items initially, then transitioning to a more expensive product after I’ve shown value and trust.   Only promote quality products if you plan on surviving long-term online.

5. Traffic

If you build it they will NOT come.  The internet is a large place and just creating a blog or landing page is not nearly enough.  You need to drive traffic all the time.  Free or paid….it doesn’t matter.  most people focus on free traffic and are not successful and end up losing interest.

I suggest you spend some money of high-quality traffic sources as often as possible.  Paid traffic can be cheap and very targeted.  Facebook Ads and PPC are a great way to start out on a budget.  Typically the leads from these methods are very lucrative.

Another option is to use solo ads.  You are basically paying someone with a massive list to email your offer on their behalf.  The quality and price of solo ads can range from $0.30 – $1.50 a click.  Ensure your funnel is setup properly prior to you receiving traffic of you will waste your money. Split test and tweak your funnels along the way to get the best results.

Here are some of my favorite Solo Ad providers.  These range in price and quality so please do your homework.

Human Eyeballs
High Quality Solo Ads

If you want a more in-depth review of the product I mentioned you can visit my resource page.  You can find a ton of free training on all 5 of these items on my YouTube Channel.  Please subscribe to this channel and you can be notified every time I post a new video





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