The 2017 Goal Planner

With December here it’s difficult to think about anything else other than Christmas. Parties, shopping and activities keep us constantly busy during every spare minute of the day. while its never a crime to live your life but keeping the new year in mind is very important.

Begin setting goals and planning for 2017 as soon as possible.

Betting an early start is important to me and I have already began planning my 2017. I want to share my goals with you both to give you an idea of how serious I am and ensuring I’m held accountable for these goals.┬áHere’s where my goals were planned….in the airport lounge.

2017 Goals

1. 5k subscribers by Feb 27th. Majority of these subscribers will come by way of solo ads. Some leads do trickle in from Youtube, this blog and social media but the bulk of my subscribers come from paid traffic. This will be a mix of Human Eyeballs, Igor Solo Ads and other top-tier providers.

1. Earning $15k per month by April 30th. This income will come from my email subscribers and high-ticket back end systems like digital Altitude and various affiliate products and tools. This is a drastic rise in my online income so for me, this is a very bold statement.

2. Help 5 people make $10k per month online. In order to get something from the world you need to give back. My strategy is to learn, do then teach these 5 skills to anyone interested.

3. Attend at least 2 live marketing events. So far the Ascend event is coming up in March of 2017 and I’m planning to be there. the 2nd event is still an unknown. Perhaps this will just be another Digital Altitude event or possibly a Global Affiliate Zone event. ( I will talk about this later)

4. Joining a Mastermind with other Internet Entrepreneurs that have similar goals as myself.

5. Master one paid traffic source. Currently I use solo ads almost exclusively and i want to see how far I can take this. Solo ads are very simple provided you have money but the leads tend to be cold and conversions are very low. Bing PPC is still a mystery I cannot figure out. My results with Bing PPC are non existent at this time and I will change that.

Facebook advertising is becoming so popular which both interests me and turns me off. My strategy will involve paid promotions to my fan page. No sales talk, just getting eyeballs to my fan page and then track visitor behavior.

These are my focus gaols which should not change much or at all over the course of 2017. These are quite lofty goals but there is no question whether or not I can achieve them.

If you are reading this please reach out and ask how I’m making out with these goals.


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