OWN Your Traffic – And Make More Money With Squeeze Pages + a List

email clipartFrustrated with your website traffic? Tired of seeing little streams of prospects silently wade through without buying anything…or even subscribing?

Squeeze Pages and autoresponders should be your best friend.

You’ve heard the ole saying that your target customer needs to see your ad or content 7 times before deciding whether or not to buy right? So, rather than hope your online ads are so pervasive that they get seen that often, why not set up a squeeze page to to capture that lead and follow up with an email.

Then, your followup emails can do all of the future selling without the hope of attracting subsequent visits.

The process for setting up your squeeze pages is pretty straight forward  – instead of driving traffic straight to your blog, drive your traffic to your squeeze pages first.

You might have one of your squeeze pages designed for people interested in, say, going skiing, while another one of your squeeze pages collects the emails of people interested in buying skis. Then, your two squeeze pages have built you two email marketing lists, each targeted to a different consumer (sort of).

After your traffic is captured by your squeeze pages, you’ve got the ability to get your sales messages in front of them as often as every day. (Meanwhile, a lot of the traffic you’re busy driving is being captured by your squeeze pages, and added to your list)…

You’ll want to do everything you can to get your squeeze pages to convert at 50% or better, because then you’ll know you’re capturing most of your traffic, and it’s not just going to waste.

As your squeeze pages funnel new leads into your lists, you’ll have a larger and larger database of prospective customers to market to for free. And as your business grows, you can set up squeeze pages in different niches, different markets, and diversify your business by building new and fresh lists around a variety of interests.

Squeeze pages can shape and revolutionize your whole conversion strategy, but if you don’t know the best way to get started building your list with squeeze pages, it can be an uphill battle to make it work.

Many newbies get stuck before their squeeze pages are even working, and there are plenty of other dangers standing between you and a series of squeeze pages that captures your traffic for increased revenues…

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Do One Thing Everyday to Make Money

coupleonbeachWhat can you do to make some extra money online?  Well, I always tell myself that I need to give myself at least one new opportunity each day to make money.

What does this mean?

No matter how busy I am. I need do something online that gives me an opportunity to make money.

Before I took this vow I would go days and sometimes even weeks without producing anything that gave me an opportunity to make money.

If I were to ask you how your online business is going?  What would your answer be?

When I was asked this question a couple years ago I did not have a straight answer.  I was then asked what I have for sale?  I had no answer for that question as well.

After this “coming to Jesus” moment I then realized that I need to create a blog post, video, social media post or something everyday.

Not only does this make me feel better but it has also increased my odds of getting a sale.  After a few months these can really add up.  When I log into my various affiliate dashboards I see clicks everyday.

Here are some of the most common things I do to accomplish this goal

1.  Blog Post

Typically everyone of my blog posts has a subscription form for my email list which leads to sales.  It can also be a product review or how-to post that contains an affiliate link.

2.  Video

These are typically product reviews in the form of a screencast.  In the description of the video I usually add an affiliate link or link to my blog.

3.  Social Media Post

Usually Tweets. Typically containing a link to a video, affiliate product or my site.  If I;m having a busy day, this is the easiest way to accomplish my daily goal.

4.  Comment

This can range from commenting on blog posts, YouTube videos or replying to a tweet.  This is a surprisingly easy way get free traffic.

Take action and you will see results over time.


Email Marketing is a Numbers Game

email marketing is a numbers gameStanding Out Online

Getting noticed online is not nearly as easy as most marketers make it out to be. I’ve spent hours putting together Blog posts and videos that I thought were useful but received little attention.

As disappointing as this is, I continue to push out as much content as I can. After a few months you will get more traffic as you syndicate your content across different platforms.

Some of my power points get significantly more views on Slideshare than my boost posts ever have. Soon I will add my more popular posts and resources page to Slideshare as a pdf.

Adding videos to YouTube has been good but not great.  My views are still low but I get at least one affiliate click per day. As I add more videos and posts I hope to get to a point where this hits critical mass…..which leads to passive sales.

List Building Simplified

Email marketing and really any affiliate marketing really boils down to a numbers game.

When you first start out your overall traffic will be low so conversion rates are near zero. When your email list is 50 people, the open rate, click rate and conversion rate will be crappy. After hitting the 150 mark, the numbers are starting to fall into place.

By purchasing at least 2 solo ads (100 clicks) per month I should get at least 50 new subscribers added to my list each month based on a 25% optin rate. The historical income from an email list is said to be $1 per subscriber per month. If this is actually true…I will be making $1k per month.

Check out my favorite solo ads.

In order to guarantee this rate I am in the process of building my own one-time-offer product. This will be email marketing focused of course. One of the reasons I want my own OTO is because of the long sales pages most products have.

A OTO is typically presented after an optin or purchase.  I prefer to have a very basic page with a video of me explaining the product…followed by a link to the product.  This link should go straight to a checkout screen and NOT another sales page. Since I don’t have my own product I use an affiliate product so I cannot link directly to the checkout page.


Over the years I have purchased tons of internet marketing courses and more recently,  email marketing courses.  Each one of these courses typically contains a few really good tips that to stick with me.

So my plan is to gather all the “good tips” and build a product explaining these.  I do not plan on stealing other people products from beginning to end,  but merely summarizing a bunch of different really good ideas.

Having my own product should also recoup my list building costs and possibly even help make a profit while I build my list.

Out of every method I have tried so far,  using solo ads is the easiest (maybe not the cheapest) ways to build your list.



My Latest Solo Ad Results…

sol-ads-resultsEarlier this week I decided to purchase my second solo ad from Udimi.  The first solo ad yielded a +20% optin rate which I was pretty happy with being my first ever solo ad.

Before running my second ad I decided to use a different squeeze page (same offer) and change up the OTO on my thank you page.  The solo ad was $40 for 100 clicks f which was mainly top tier traffic.  The results were 49 optins and one sale from my OTO.

I was shocked to say the least as this was a 49% optin rate plus I made one sale of a low priced product that has a recurring monthly commission.  If I do some simple math, I was able to get 49 new subscribers for less than a $1 per subscriber.

The one thing I am uncertain about is whether or not it was my squeeze page or the solo ad that brought in the better results.

 The one thing I learned quickly is that email marketing is a numbers game.  By that, I mean open rates and conversion rates are typically under 5% so having a small list will typically not produce the results you expect.  Now that my list is over 100 subscribers the conversion rates are starting to line up.

I plan on purchasing another solo ad this week so stay tuned for the results.


You Risk Losing Money if You Don’t Track Your Optins

tracking is important

Even though I have been in the IM business for a while,  I am still new to the email marketing game.  What I found out quickly is that you need to track as many things as possible when it comes to your online business.

For the last few months I have been putting out many videos, Slideshares and content in order to lure unsuspecting 🙂 readers to my list.  So when I was finally able to get subscribers from these various sources I was pleasantly surprised.  The only problem was I had no idea where they were subscribing from.

Just a couple days ago I received 5 email subscribers and I had no idea where they subscribed from.  I was both excited and angry.  Excited for the subscribers and angry I had no idea what suddenly began working.

How I Plan on Correcting This

Tracking can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be…..at this stage I prefer easy.

Tracking Tip #1

Use free services like Bit.ly whenever possible.  Every time you send out a link in a Tweet, affiliate links, descriptions in a Youtube video try to make this a shortened Bit.ly link. They offer some very good stats like how many clicks you received, from what country, and the referrer.

Tracking Tip #2

Google Analytics is definitely your friend whenever you put up a site.  Place this tracking code wherever you can to take full advantage of these stats.  GetResponse also integrates with Google analytics to get you even better stats when it comes to your autoresponder.

Tracking Tip #3

Your autoresponder has many built-in features that you should always take advantage of.  My favorite,  GetResponse, is exceptional when to comes to tracking provided you have things setup properly (which I did not).  Setup different webforms for every unique property you have.  Copy existing webforms and name them properly.

Tracking Tip #4

Utilize the Pretty Link plugin for any affiliate links you plan on hosting from your wordpress site.  These will show how many clicks, where they came from and their referrer in most cases.  Although this is not the best tracking tool, it at least gives you an idea of what is and isn’t working.

Tracking Tip #5

If you plan on purchasing solo ads or some sort of paid advertising always, always setup the tracking code they provide.  This will tell you what is converting so you can ensure you are not wasting your money.

Many of the sites that host your content like YouTube and Slideshare have some very good analytics that can give you an idea of where your visitors are coming from and what brought them there.


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