The Internet Lifestyle – My First Soundcloud Episode

My First Recording on SoundCloud

In the honor of the DA live call, I decided to record a call of my own.  It’s not quite as entertaining but I think you will enjoy this.  After telling a bit about myself I go into why I’m transitioning to a full-time online career.  Many of the reasons for this are typical but some are not.

This recording was made from the Soundcloud Android app on my phone.  The time it took to record the audio and have it published online was very quick and easy.  Perhaps this is a start of things to come……


This is What I’m Doing


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Digital AltitudeBlack Diamond Call with Alex Zubarev August 15 2016

In this first episode John Lavenia talks about the new name of this call.  This is now the Black Diamond call vs the previous Black Belt call.  The first guest is none other than the superstar Alex Zubarev.  When I say superstar, I mean a normal guy that had a great full time job but wanted something more.  His determination to escape the rat race lead him to Digital Altitude and he now makes more than a full time living online and shares how he helps others repeat the success he has had.

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What Do You Aspire to Do



Digital Altitude Black Belt Marketing Call With Jashin Howell – August 8, 2016

In this first episode John Lavenia talks about the new format of the call and the schedule of upcoming, weekly calls.  Today’s guest is Jashin Howell who has been around the Internet Marketing community for quite a while now.  More recently he was featured on the infamous blog about a $78k month.  Enjoy the recording.

They also brought up the Marketing Mastery Event coming up in Las Vegas in October.

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Begin Your Aspire Journey



How to Create Your Own Click Magick Tracking

Creating Your Own Click Magick Tracking for Less

This post is in no way a slam against Click Magick, rather an alternative method of tracking your Internet Marketing activity.  I;m about to show you how to create your own hosted tracking tool that has a one-time cost and a very low recurring cost.  The only real recurring cost is hosting and a domain name.  If you are an existing Marketer, you probably already have both of these…so this would not be an extra cost.

Let’s just say you have nothing to make tings easier.   These are the items you need and their approximate cost.

Tool Required to Create Your Own Tracking Tool

Domain Name – Name Cheap ($10 /yr)

Hosting – Name Cheap ($50/yr)

AdTrackzGold ($77 one-time)

I made a short YouTube video describing how this can be done.

In short, this is a quick and easy setup.  Grab a domain and hosting, copy your tracking script into a folder on your hosting server and run through the quick setup.  Like I said, if you already have a domain and hosting you can use that or in my case I preferred to buy a new domain and place the script there.

This domain is easy to remember and can be referenced in audio in a way that should not lead to spelling mistakes or misinterpretation.

I placed a static page on the root of explaining what this site is used for.

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Squeezefunnels – The Ultimate Alternative to Leadpages and Clickfunnels

Squeezefunnels Review

A few months ago I stumbled onto this product by listening to one of MikefromMaine’s interviews.  The points that immediately grabbed my attention were the one-time price and absolute flexibility when it came to creating pages.

There are literally thousands of squeeze page/funnel/sales page product on the market.  Is this the best one?  Don’t know as I don;t have a lifetime to try them all out.


I have used Landing Page Monkey which is awesome but limited in functionality, Optimizepress, Funnelkit and various wordpress plugins.  Out of all of these products I would choose Squeezefunnels.

The reasons behind this choice are as follows:

  • one-time fee. The sales page claims this is temporary but at the moment it’s available for only $26.
  • %100 hosted.  The platform is built on Amazon aws so every page loads super fast unlike shared hosting from the Hostgators, Blusehosts and GoDaddy’s of the world.  In fact, this can take the place of your hosting account if all you need is squeeze pages, sales pages, etc.
  • flexibility. I can copy nearly and squeeze page I come across with ease.
  • tons of features. Countdown timers, autoresponder integration, video backgrounds, buy buttons, call to actions and many more.
  • plenty of usable template for sales pages, front end offers, OTO’s, squeeze pages, download pages

In the past I tried Clickfunnels and Leadpages but never got past the trial period.  These products were great for a couple of things but lacked customization and the price tag was too much to bear.

I now use Squeezefunnels for all my campaigns.  I have a sub-domain created for squeezepages, thank you pages, landing pages and product delivery.  I can connect them together quickly and clone pages with ease.

Check out my video on how I use Squeeze funnels.

If you want to pickup this product before they begin charging a month fee just click the link below.


Yes, I Want Squeezefunnels for a One-Time Fee.

Is Digital Altitude a Pyramid Scheme?

What You Need to Know About Digital Altitude

Screen-Shot-2015-04-27-at-12.48.45-PM If you spend any time in the Internet Marketing scene then you probably came across a Digital Altitude Promotion.

So what’s my opinion?  Well, after joining and becoming a Rise climber I can tell you exactly what I think.

At first I was skeptical….this just looked like another MLM that would take off then fade away with out new membership.

Since Digital Altitude allows you to “Test Drive” their system for $1 I decided to see what the fuss was all about.

Shortly after, I was pleasantly surprised.  There was 6 steps of training that explained how Digital Altitude worked and why is was sustainable.

Unlike most MLM programs,  Aspire sold actual training, seminars and complete all-inclusive retreats.  in order to grow your business they go through every aspect of setup, branding, marketing, product sales and long-term wealth accumulation.

This was playing out like a University Education for online entrepreneurs.

In short, this was something I was comfortable telling my mother about.  This leads to my next point about promoting Digital Altitude (or Aspire).   There is no way I’m pushing my online business ventures to my family and friends.

It’s not that I’m not proud of this system…’s that most people do not understand or believe you can make a living online.    If they ask me about it, I will explain it.

How Do You Make Money from Digital Altitude

It’s simple.  Aspire has done an amazing job of building an entire system for you so your only task is to get leads.  Once you get the leads, every aspect of the sales process will be handled by the Digital Altitude team.

This includes follow up emails, phone calls, text messages and working directly with the Digital Altitude sales team.

Yes, that’s right……they have a full-time phone sales team that will follow up with your leads and close sales.  THIS IS WHY THIS SYSTEM WORKS.

You will receive a recurring commission and a one-time commission for each package you sell.  Like any good system, you also make money from any sales your down line makes, three levels deep.

footer_bg_smThey also have something called a sponsor lock.  Let me try to explain

this.  Let’s say I obtain the entry level called “Aspire”.  If someone joins my team I will only receive commissions up to the Aspire level.  If they upgrade to Base it will be passed to my upline.

Even if I were to upgrade to Base after they joined, it would not make a difference.

This make for strong motivation to upgrade immediately in order to lock in the best commissions.

What I like about Digital Altitude

  • Awesome marketing tools. They provide banners links to various pages and the ability to integrate with Getresponse and Aweber.
  • access to real coaches for no additional charge.
  • Private Facebook groups
  • High energy memebers with unbeleiveable motivation
  • plenty of products to sell
  • continual improvements to backoffice and training

What I Don’t Like about Digital Altitude

  • coaches calendars fill up fast.  Book them as quickly as possible
  • products can get pricey
  • sales video provided converts poorly.  I use my own for much better conversions

All in all, this is a great system I use to complement my affiliate and email marketing income.  Multiple streams of income are needed to safely survive online.

Take Digital Altitude for a test Drive for only $1

Watch this incredible testimonial from one of the top Digital Altitude earners.

A Day in the Life of a Top Digital Altitude Member

Do You Even Need a Blog Anymore?

bad-websiteWow, its been a while but I’m still here.  The reason for my absence is simple. Is there any point to having a blog any longer?

With Facebook, Twitter (all of which I hate) is there a need to post anything to a blog.  Google now blasts any IM blog off their listings and SEO is a thing of the past.  Everything is about paid advertising.  I’m ok with this as SEO cost way more i  terms of time then anyone can imagine.

I’m seriously considering going back in time and having everything published via my email list.  My site will soon turn into a squeeze page explaining my strategy.

If someone is interested in what I have tk say, they can join my list.  My posts will be emails and I can branch off into segmented lists if someone finds interest in a product I mention.

Plus,  I can email everyone a series that makes sense and follows a sequence.  So many times I’ve landed on a site and felt lost, not knowing what I should read next.  Sounds dumb but its true……

Like I’ve said many times, Internet Marketing has changed and will continue too but the foundation is still email and products.  Dont’ worry about Facebook, niche sites, Kindle books, etc going away.  Something new will come aling and take its place.  Build a list of followers and you will be fine.


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