How to Make Money with Instagram – Jason Stone Shares His Secrets

Secrets to Making Money on Instagram

The power of Social Media can be mind boggling and Instagram has the “it” factor right now.  The secrets to making money on Instagram a quite simple. The platform itself only allows you to post pictures and have one link in your bio.

So by default, this platform was seemly created in a way NOT to be used for marketing.  I’m sure marketers saw this as a challenge and boy have they responded.

Jason Stone is the biggest Instagram star I know and his results are very very impressive.  What’s interesting about his story is how he closed his original account after he was robbed while on vacation.

After talking to one of his friends that had some success he decided to re-open his account and focus on motivational quotes instead of personal pictures of his family.

How to Grow Your Following On Instagram

Like any social media platform, becoming popular is not easy.  it takes dedication, consistency and a little money.  Jason started gaining an audience by consistent and high quality pictures he began to promote.  he connected with other emerging Instagram stars and they decided to form a group and promote each other’s profiles in rotation.  This combined with paid shout-outs rocketed his following to over 2 million.

Now Jason’s massive Millionaire_Mentor account survives on it’s own and can be used as a massive traffic weapon multiple times a day.

How Do You Generate Traffic and Make Money with Instagram?

When you have a massive audience, advertising is a huge source of revenue.  You can use this is multiple ways, first by getting paid for shout out’s.  People will pay you money to mention their Instagram account in order to try and build their audience.  They will also pay you money to add their link in your bio.  Typically this is an affiliate link or some type of offer.

During Jason’s interview On the Rise he talked about being able to drive 50,000 clicks a day.  Insane amount of traffic!!!!

When Jason realized he could post his own affiliate links he began taking full advantage of this.  He talks about making $25k off one webinar and generating many multiple 5-figure months.

Instagram only allows you to place a link in your bio so you need to reference this link in order for followers to look at your bio and click the link.

Example shout out post.



Example self promotion post


Link in bio



Listen to Jason Stone’s full interview on the latest On The Rise call.


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