High Quality Solo Ad – Results from Oct 25, 2016

Recently, I purchased a click package from http://hqsoload.com (High Quality Solo Ads) and wanted to share my results and overall customer experience.



Since I’m testing a new funnel I decided to only purchase 100 clicks this time.  Even when I want more clicks I always break up my orders into 100-200 clicks vs going with 500 or 1000 all at once.  Breaking up the order seems to result in better quality traffic as the buyer has time to replenish their supply of subscribers.

Here’s a quick look at the Tier 1 pricing schedule.  Even though it cost more I would only look at the Tier 1 traffic.  Your chance of getting sales are much better compared to a mix of Tier 1 and non-tier 1 traffic.


When you purchase an order you are asked for a link to your squeeze page and when you are ready to receive traffic.  Typically, from the time you submit the order to the delivery is around 7-10 days.  Elad processes the order very quickly and provides great, personal customer service.

Here’s the Squeeze page I used.


Traffic comes very quickly so make sure you have your funnel setup and tested well ahead of giving Elad the go-ahead.

Traffic quality is always top notch and as-advertised.  I did receive some non-top tier clicks but these were ignored.




Here’s the traffic stats based on my tracking.




My optin rate was at 51% which is very good but some of the emails were bogus and discarded by Getresponse.








Out of these optin I was able to get two Digital Altitude $1 trials.







Overall, I was happy with the quality of traffic and the two sign ups.  I do need to work on building a better front-end product so I can quickly recover my solo ad cost.  At the moment I just send them to a DA video sales letter and hope to recover everything on the back end.

If these two signups stay even as Aspire walkers, I will have completely recovered my solo ad cost in 3 months.  Not too bad.

I will purchase more traffic from HQ Solo Ads but first I want to test some other solo ad providers.   Stay tuned!


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