Email Marketing Tips from 7 Figure Earner Ankur Argwal

7 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Top Passive Income Business

While I was attending Digital Altitude’s Marketing Mastery Event in Las Vegas last weekend, I was struck by Ankur Argwal’s presentation.

Out of all the speakers, I found this one to be the most interesting and the business model I would most like to copy.

If you did not get a chance to attend this event you can find the recordings and presentation in your Digital Altitude account.  If you are not a member, the $1 trial will get you access to 2 days of recordings.

Who is Ankur Argwal?

captureHe started out as a Software Engineer in New Delhi and after several years was not satisfied with his earning potential.  He then top up network marketing and began his future with Internet Marketing.

After reading Magnetic Sponsoring, Ankur had a major breakthrough and decided on a journey to build the largest email list he possibly could.

Eight years and 8 million dollars later, Ankur has one of the largest biz op email lists and continues to become a leader in any program he chooses to join.

During his presentation he shared his current email list which contained over 440,000 subscribers.  Everyday, Ankur brings in 1000-3000 new subscribers which automatically run through his 60 + day autoresponder sequence.

Does Email Marketing Still Work?

Over the course of 8 years many social networking platforms have come and gone but email is still around and possibly more important than ever.  In the work place email is still where business gets done.

According to Ankur, he spends 15 minutes every morning typing an email to his list then is work is done for the day.  Later that day he checks his stats and will have $500-$2000 of new sales.  CRAZY!

This allows him to work anywhere, travel the world and do what he truly wants to do.  Let’s get to the top 7 reasons i promised you.

Reason #1

If you have a large mailing list you control the traffic.  You can generate clicks on demand anytime an email is sent.  Feed the list and let it product traffic…

Reason #2

Mass leverage. You can communicate directly to hundreds of thousands of people instantly through email.  You are one click away from their purchasing power.

Reason #3

You can generate money on demand.  It really is like having an ATM in your living room.  Depending on the size of your list, a single email can generate hundreds or even thousands of $$.

Reason #4

Living the laptop lifestyle anywhere in the world is reality. As long as you have access to your autoresponder you can generate an income.

Reason #5

With an email list you can give yourself a raise every month.  The larger the list and the more you email them (within reason of course) the more income you can earn.  Take at least 33% of your earnings and use that to build an even larger list.

Reason #6

The money is in the follow up.  Sure, you can make money on the front end but you now have that subscriber for life (or as long as they stay subscribed).  An average it takes 7 follow ups for someone to make a purchasing decision.

Reason #7

Once they know, like and trust you the barriers have been removed and the money will come pouring in.  This is warm traffic that already knows who you are.  Marketing with Facebook or YouTube ads takes more time and money to make sales.

This presentation gave me new inspiration to build my list as fast as possible.  I already have several Solo Ads and click packages purchased and ready to go.  Once this have been delivered I will share my results on a new post.

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