How to Bring in 50 Leads a Day With Facebook Advertising

Getting Leads with Paid Traffic

The number one reason online businesses fail is due to lack of traffic and leads.  Over the years paid traffic has helped businesses succeed in record time.

While paid traffic can be lucrative, it still does require tweaking or you may find yourself spending lots of money with very little to show.

In the most recent On The Rise Call, superstar marketing Alfredo Delgado “opens the kimono” on his Facebook Ads campaigns.


What surprised me is how simple yet effective his strategy is. Let me quickly layout the steps Alfredo uses to get 50 $1 sign ups per day.

This alone makes him $25 a day…..not including the future commissions.

Step 1.   Create a short video with a call to action linking to a lead capture page.  This does not need to be anything professional.  These were shot from Alfredo’s phone.

cad1apture ad2







Step 2.  Your lead capture page should be clean and simple.  Do not make any guarantees and ensure you have a privacy policy, terms and conditions disclaimer.







Step 3.  After they optin to your lead capture page, send them to a bridge page thanking them for the optin.  Shoot a short video introducing yourself and guide them to the next page where they watch the video (or what ever you promised them in return for opting in).  Place a link to a social media site you are active on.  Could be Facebook, Youtube, Instagram….anything.







Step 4. show them the video and make sure there is a link for your offer.  In this case it will point to the Digital Altitude $1 trial.

capasdture capture










That’s it.  Isn’t this crazy!!  I need to be doing this and I’m going to.  Step one for me is to get another Facebook Ads account setup.


Finally, here are Alfedo’s rules you need to follow in order to prevent your Facebook Ads account from not being banned.

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The video recording of this entire call in located in the Digital Altitude back office in case you are already a member.  If not,  get the $1 trial and check out this video along with many others.


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Getting Cheap Views With YouTube Ads

Let me start this off by sharing my thoughts on most PPC ad platforms.  They suck.  Not only are they expensive, but it’s nearly impossible to get an ad approved.  They know we are using their platform to sell things yet they ban your account at the smallest hint of commerce.

Why?  The advertiser makes money and I make money….that’s how advertising works.

My rant is done.

Recently, I’ve been spending money on YouTube Ads or actually know as Google Adwords for video.  just before you throw up in your mouth, Google Adwords for Video is completely different then traditional Google Adwords for search.

The Adwords for search is nearly unusable and extremely expensive.  The video ads portion is waaaaay better.  Not only is it cheaper, but nearly any type of ads will get approved.  Hopefully this does not change as the platform gets more popular.

You can use words like “make money” or “how to get $1000” in 14 days.  These types of phrases are still allowed and will not get your ad disapproved or your account banned.

Watch the video above on some of my recent results.  There is no shortage of traffic provided you get the correct keywords.

In a recent ad, I used 3 keywords “Digital Altitude” and am able to get 5k impressions and 59 views with having my ad active for only 10 minutes.  Crazy.

You are charged per view (CPV) for any video viewed for 30 seconds or more.  Now I place my maximum CPV at $0.50 but have never paid more than $0.21 and have seen as low as $0.06 CPV.

Test, test and test again as you can waste a ton of money if you just let your ad run.  Here are a few tips I recommend you follow in order to have success (or at least avoid an expensive failure)

YouTube Ads Tips

  • set your budge for $5-$10 per day initially.  Expect your ad to go over your budget by 40% regardless of what you set as a daily budget (yes it sucks)
  • in your video reference your link in the description
  • setup a call-to-action (CTA) on your video.  You can find this in your specific YouTube video settings after its been added to an Ad.
  • use a url shortener for the link in your description
  • your link should go to a squeeze page.
  • keep your video ad less than two minutes in length
  • track how many clicks your link receives.  Lots of views + no clicks is a failure.
  • I prefer search based ads vs in stream


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Slideshare Traffic Secrets – A Huge Source of Untapped Traffic

Getting Massive Views from SlideShare

Many, many years ago a successful Internet Marketer named Jason Fladlien talked about Slideshare traffic.  At the time, I was in shiny object mode so I did not fully investigate his claim.  Like many things online, I wished I knew then what I know now.  If this were the case I could have been much further along.

Oh well, no better time than the present.

So let’s get started.

If you have not heard of Slideshare, don’t worry, this site is not a mainstream property but still has many user’s and more importantly, it has different user’s than most other social networks. Typically, you will find “real” business user’s publishing their traditional ratrace powerpoint decks here. 🙂

While you do have the ability to post powerpoints, you can also upload pdf’s, word doc’s and other word-like document formats.

After uploading your documents, Slideshare will convert them to an online format and make them view-able anyone.  You can link to the presentations, embed them on a webpage and share them on any social media platform.

Why Slideshare is a Great Source of Free Traffic

  1. Clickable hyperlinks.  If you create a hyperlink in the source format (word, pdf, ppt) it will appear in the Slideshare presentation.
  2. Adds presentation text to your post.  After you upload your presentation, Slideshare will add all of the text below the decription.  This can be indexed by search engines making you presentation more visible.
  3. Quick and easy uploads.  Unlike most online platforms, Slideshare has little to no restrictions on amount of text, link, pictures, etc.
  4. No competition.  Slideshare has 70 million users and is in the Top 100 most visited sites online.
  5. User Demographic.  Like I mentioned above, this is not your typical cat video, Fail Army, I love my life type of site.  The users here have a much different purpose.



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