How to Rank YouTube Videos – The Complete Guide

If you are reading this post you definitely understand the importance of video marketing and video SEO.  Youtube has taken over as the second most popular search engine over Yahoo and Bing.  Even more surprising is Youtube will soon surpass Google.

Video is more popular than ever and is being introduced into every popular social media platform online.  For starters, Youtube videos have massive preference in Google search results.  Youtube now favors live videos waay more than traditional uploaded videos.

Facebook loves Facebook live and gives these posts very high circulation compared to other posts.  Instagrm’s short videos are changing this platform into a huge engagement and money-making machines.

I can keep going but I think you get the point.  Video is hot and will continue to be the method of engaging with leads.

YouTube Video SEO – How to Rank Your Videos

You can simply upload videos to YouTube and have success but the chances of this happening a becoming less and less.  Much like traditional search engines can be influenced by SEO, YouTube is very similar.  The methods I’m about to show you are completely white-hat and really help ensure your video is indexed by YouTube properly.

YouTube favors certain elements within your video post that help it understand what your video is about in order to provide more accurate search results.

Copying videos, stuffing keywords, purchasing likes and views will get your videos removed and your account banned.  Do things right and YouTube will reward you with thousands of views for years to come.

Enough B.S, lets get into this.

Performing Keyword Research

If you want your video to rank high I suggest you perform some basic keyword research prior to even creating your video.

Before we begin with the keyword research you need to open a free account at  Then add the vidIQ vision for YouTube extension to your Chrome browser.  Then open a YouTube video and you should see the vidIQ login fields on the right hand side of Chrome. Login so information will automatically appear during for our future search results.

You don’t need any paid tools, the Google Keyword Planner will work just fine for this exercise.  Go ahead and search for this tool.  You may need to setup an Adwords account and begin to setup a campaign.  Don’t worry, we are not going to run any ads and this does not cost anything.

Watch this short video clip on how to use the keyword planner and what to look for.

Once you have finished with the keyword tool I would recommend searching your keyword in YouTube.  As you are typing the keyword watch what instant results appear.

Take a screenshot of this so you can later search for these proposed search terms.

Open the first couple of videos that appear after every search.  The vidIQ information should automatically appear in the right hand side.  Look at the tags and text in the description field.  These are attributes you may want to copy into your own video.

Now that you have a bunch of tags you can use for your video, we have an entire checklist of items to complete before our video is full optimized.

Make sure to change the name of your video file to your keyword prior to uploading it to YouTube.  Once the video has been uploaded, edit your video.  Scroll down and to the right you should see an SEO checklist provided by the vidIQ plugin.  We need to ensure each item has a green check mark.

Here’s the List

  1.  Add End Screen/Annotation
  2. Add a card
  3. Enable monetization
  4. Add closed captions
  5. Add to a playlist
  6. Share on Twitter
  7. Liked on Facebook
  8. Respond to a comment
  9. After posting video – add the video link in the description

If you take these steps before publishing any video you should see better results.  Not all videos will take off…some will get plenty of views while others will perform poorly.

Take massive imperfect action.

The 2017 Goal Planner

With December here it’s difficult to think about anything else other than Christmas. Parties, shopping and activities keep us constantly busy during every spare minute of the day. while its never a crime to live your life but keeping the new year in mind is very important.

Begin setting goals and planning for 2017 as soon as possible.

Betting an early start is important to me and I have already began planning my 2017. I want to share my goals with you both to give you an idea of how serious I am and ensuring I’m held accountable for these goals. Here’s where my goals were planned….in the airport lounge.

2017 Goals

1. 5k subscribers by Feb 27th. Majority of these subscribers will come by way of solo ads. Some leads do trickle in from Youtube, this blog and social media but the bulk of my subscribers come from paid traffic. This will be a mix of Human Eyeballs, Igor Solo Ads and other top-tier providers.

1. Earning $15k per month by April 30th. This income will come from my email subscribers and high-ticket back end systems like digital Altitude and various affiliate products and tools. This is a drastic rise in my online income so for me, this is a very bold statement.

2. Help 5 people make $10k per month online. In order to get something from the world you need to give back. My strategy is to learn, do then teach these 5 skills to anyone interested.

3. Attend at least 2 live marketing events. So far the Ascend event is coming up in March of 2017 and I’m planning to be there. the 2nd event is still an unknown. Perhaps this will just be another Digital Altitude event or possibly a Global Affiliate Zone event. ( I will talk about this later)

4. Joining a Mastermind with other Internet Entrepreneurs that have similar goals as myself.

5. Master one paid traffic source. Currently I use solo ads almost exclusively and i want to see how far I can take this. Solo ads are very simple provided you have money but the leads tend to be cold and conversions are very low. Bing PPC is still a mystery I cannot figure out. My results with Bing PPC are non existent at this time and I will change that.

Facebook advertising is becoming so popular which both interests me and turns me off. My strategy will involve paid promotions to my fan page. No sales talk, just getting eyeballs to my fan page and then track visitor behavior.

These are my focus gaols which should not change much or at all over the course of 2017. These are quite lofty goals but there is no question whether or not I can achieve them.

If you are reading this please reach out and ask how I’m making out with these goals.

The 5 Steps to Your First $1000 a Month

The 5 Tools Required to Quit Your Job and Work Online

For the last 15 years many aspects to Internet Marketing have changed.  The one thing that has remained constant are the core tolls required to make a ton of money online.

What about social media?  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube?

These have changed how we get traffic and interact with people but the end game is still the email list.

What did I base these 5 items on?  Easy.  If someone asked me “what do I need in order to start an online business” .  If they asked me how to make money online, my answer would be different.  The question was how to start an online business.  To make money, you could do a number of things…but to start a business you need some critical tools.

1. Email Autoresponder

Email is still the number one way to stay in touch with your prospects.  This is the most powerful outbound marketing tool in the world.  Within minutes you can reach your entire subscriber base of hundreds, thousands or millions of people.  Email accounts dwarf social media accounts and email is and has been been available an nearly any device.

Watch this video to get some surprising stats on email vs other methods.

I can spend advertising dollars once to capture a lead and follow up with them whenever I want for as long as they remain a subscriber.

When my email list reaches a certain size, I can generate massive traffic on-demand.  Let’s not forget about the auto portion of the autoresponder.  Automation is a massive part of every internet marketing.  Leveraging automation and duplication is how you the leaders scale their business.  Setup your autoresponder once and let it run forever.

There are many autoresponders on the market today compared to only a few years ago.  What’s the best one?  It depends on what you are trying to do and what level your business is at.  Some very successful marketers with huge lists will use the stand Aweber or Getrepsonse products.  I personally recommend Getresponse because of its ease of use and integration is has with hundreds of plugins and online tools.

2. The Landing Page

You need a landing or squeeze in order to capture emails and get them into your autoresponder.  This one-page website is the most profitable type of website ever created.  A great looking landing page with catchy copy will skyrocket your optin rate.


Landing pages have always contained text and sometimes graphics and are now incorporating short videos to boost conversion rates.  Split testing different types of landing pages is critical to optimizing conversions and gather analysis on what types of pages work for different campaigns.  What works for social media traffic may not work for ppc or blog traffic.

It seems every day there is a new landing page creator, plugin or funnel software being released.  It really comes down to price and usability.  Some products have a high monthly recurring fee while others are a one-time payment.  Typically the products with the monthly fee will also host your landing pages so you don’t need to get a hosting account.

The two most popular products are Clickfunnels and Leadpages.  Both of these are easy to use, have lots of templates but are billed monthly.  These are both great products that will host your landing pages and allow you to create all kinds of pages (bridge, thank you, ppc landing pages).

If you are looking for a wordpress plugin page builder, I would recommend Optimizepress.  It has tons of pre-built templates but does require you to have a wordpress site.

My two favorite products are Squeezefunnels and Landing Page Monkey.  They have a one-time fee, allow you to host your landing pages for free and are very easy to use.  The drawback is the lack of pre-built templates.

3. Domain Name

A domain name is a must is you want anyone to take you seriously.  Even if you don’t have a website you still require a domain name to properly email your list.  If you try to use a gmail or yahoo account very few if any of your emails will get delivered.

You can can also use your domain name to redirect to your landing page or affiliate products.  Every domain name registrar will provide this feature for the price of the domain.

Domain name range from $5 – $15 a year, depending on which TLD you choose.  I recommend .com, .net or .co for credibility and ease of remembering.

There are many sites to purchase domain names from.  I personally use Name Cheap and would highly recommend them.  Please do not use GoDaddy unless you like confusing shopping carts and a shit ton of email offers.


4. A Great Offer

Having an online business requires something to sell.  Choosing the right offer for your audience is crucial to conversion rates.  There are so many things to sell I would not no where to begin.  Digital products from market places like Clickbank and Jvzoo are very popular.  You can also make money recommending the tools and services you use like your landing page product and autoresponder.

I like to mix in very useful tools with longer term online systems like Digital Altitude.  Introducing lower ticket items initially, then transitioning to a more expensive product after I’ve shown value and trust.   Only promote quality products if you plan on surviving long-term online.

5. Traffic

If you build it they will NOT come.  The internet is a large place and just creating a blog or landing page is not nearly enough.  You need to drive traffic all the time.  Free or paid….it doesn’t matter.  most people focus on free traffic and are not successful and end up losing interest.

I suggest you spend some money of high-quality traffic sources as often as possible.  Paid traffic can be cheap and very targeted.  Facebook Ads and PPC are a great way to start out on a budget.  Typically the leads from these methods are very lucrative.

Another option is to use solo ads.  You are basically paying someone with a massive list to email your offer on their behalf.  The quality and price of solo ads can range from $0.30 – $1.50 a click.  Ensure your funnel is setup properly prior to you receiving traffic of you will waste your money. Split test and tweak your funnels along the way to get the best results.

Here are some of my favorite Solo Ad providers.  These range in price and quality so please do your homework.

Human Eyeballs
High Quality Solo Ads

If you want a more in-depth review of the product I mentioned you can visit my resource page.  You can find a ton of free training on all 5 of these items on my YouTube Channel.  Please subscribe to this channel and you can be notified every time I post a new video




How to Make Money with Instagram – Jason Stone Shares His Secrets

Secrets to Making Money on Instagram

The power of Social Media can be mind boggling and Instagram has the “it” factor right now.  The secrets to making money on Instagram a quite simple. The platform itself only allows you to post pictures and have one link in your bio.

So by default, this platform was seemly created in a way NOT to be used for marketing.  I’m sure marketers saw this as a challenge and boy have they responded.

Jason Stone is the biggest Instagram star I know and his results are very very impressive.  What’s interesting about his story is how he closed his original account after he was robbed while on vacation.

After talking to one of his friends that had some success he decided to re-open his account and focus on motivational quotes instead of personal pictures of his family.

How to Grow Your Following On Instagram

Like any social media platform, becoming popular is not easy.  it takes dedication, consistency and a little money.  Jason started gaining an audience by consistent and high quality pictures he began to promote.  he connected with other emerging Instagram stars and they decided to form a group and promote each other’s profiles in rotation.  This combined with paid shout-outs rocketed his following to over 2 million.

Now Jason’s massive Millionaire_Mentor account survives on it’s own and can be used as a massive traffic weapon multiple times a day.

How Do You Generate Traffic and Make Money with Instagram?

When you have a massive audience, advertising is a huge source of revenue.  You can use this is multiple ways, first by getting paid for shout out’s.  People will pay you money to mention their Instagram account in order to try and build their audience.  They will also pay you money to add their link in your bio.  Typically this is an affiliate link or some type of offer.

During Jason’s interview On the Rise he talked about being able to drive 50,000 clicks a day.  Insane amount of traffic!!!!

When Jason realized he could post his own affiliate links he began taking full advantage of this.  He talks about making $25k off one webinar and generating many multiple 5-figure months.

Instagram only allows you to place a link in your bio so you need to reference this link in order for followers to look at your bio and click the link.

Example shout out post.



Example self promotion post


Link in bio



Listen to Jason Stone’s full interview on the latest On The Rise call.

High Quality Solo Ad – Results from Oct 25, 2016

Recently, I purchased a click package from (High Quality Solo Ads) and wanted to share my results and overall customer experience.



Since I’m testing a new funnel I decided to only purchase 100 clicks this time.  Even when I want more clicks I always break up my orders into 100-200 clicks vs going with 500 or 1000 all at once.  Breaking up the order seems to result in better quality traffic as the buyer has time to replenish their supply of subscribers.

Here’s a quick look at the Tier 1 pricing schedule.  Even though it cost more I would only look at the Tier 1 traffic.  Your chance of getting sales are much better compared to a mix of Tier 1 and non-tier 1 traffic.


When you purchase an order you are asked for a link to your squeeze page and when you are ready to receive traffic.  Typically, from the time you submit the order to the delivery is around 7-10 days.  Elad processes the order very quickly and provides great, personal customer service.

Here’s the Squeeze page I used.


Traffic comes very quickly so make sure you have your funnel setup and tested well ahead of giving Elad the go-ahead.

Traffic quality is always top notch and as-advertised.  I did receive some non-top tier clicks but these were ignored.




Here’s the traffic stats based on my tracking.




My optin rate was at 51% which is very good but some of the emails were bogus and discarded by Getresponse.








Out of these optin I was able to get two Digital Altitude $1 trials.







Overall, I was happy with the quality of traffic and the two sign ups.  I do need to work on building a better front-end product so I can quickly recover my solo ad cost.  At the moment I just send them to a DA video sales letter and hope to recover everything on the back end.

If these two signups stay even as Aspire walkers, I will have completely recovered my solo ad cost in 3 months.  Not too bad.

I will purchase more traffic from HQ Solo Ads but first I want to test some other solo ad providers.   Stay tuned!


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Email Marketing Tips from 7 Figure Earner Ankur Argwal

7 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Top Passive Income Business

While I was attending Digital Altitude’s Marketing Mastery Event in Las Vegas last weekend, I was struck by Ankur Argwal’s presentation.

Out of all the speakers, I found this one to be the most interesting and the business model I would most like to copy.

If you did not get a chance to attend this event you can find the recordings and presentation in your Digital Altitude account.  If you are not a member, the $1 trial will get you access to 2 days of recordings.

Who is Ankur Argwal?

captureHe started out as a Software Engineer in New Delhi and after several years was not satisfied with his earning potential.  He then top up network marketing and began his future with Internet Marketing.

After reading Magnetic Sponsoring, Ankur had a major breakthrough and decided on a journey to build the largest email list he possibly could.

Eight years and 8 million dollars later, Ankur has one of the largest biz op email lists and continues to become a leader in any program he chooses to join.

During his presentation he shared his current email list which contained over 440,000 subscribers.  Everyday, Ankur brings in 1000-3000 new subscribers which automatically run through his 60 + day autoresponder sequence.

Does Email Marketing Still Work?

Over the course of 8 years many social networking platforms have come and gone but email is still around and possibly more important than ever.  In the work place email is still where business gets done.

According to Ankur, he spends 15 minutes every morning typing an email to his list then is work is done for the day.  Later that day he checks his stats and will have $500-$2000 of new sales.  CRAZY!

This allows him to work anywhere, travel the world and do what he truly wants to do.  Let’s get to the top 7 reasons i promised you.

Reason #1

If you have a large mailing list you control the traffic.  You can generate clicks on demand anytime an email is sent.  Feed the list and let it product traffic…

Reason #2

Mass leverage. You can communicate directly to hundreds of thousands of people instantly through email.  You are one click away from their purchasing power.

Reason #3

You can generate money on demand.  It really is like having an ATM in your living room.  Depending on the size of your list, a single email can generate hundreds or even thousands of $$.

Reason #4

Living the laptop lifestyle anywhere in the world is reality. As long as you have access to your autoresponder you can generate an income.

Reason #5

With an email list you can give yourself a raise every month.  The larger the list and the more you email them (within reason of course) the more income you can earn.  Take at least 33% of your earnings and use that to build an even larger list.

Reason #6

The money is in the follow up.  Sure, you can make money on the front end but you now have that subscriber for life (or as long as they stay subscribed).  An average it takes 7 follow ups for someone to make a purchasing decision.

Reason #7

Once they know, like and trust you the barriers have been removed and the money will come pouring in.  This is warm traffic that already knows who you are.  Marketing with Facebook or YouTube ads takes more time and money to make sales.

This presentation gave me new inspiration to build my list as fast as possible.  I already have several Solo Ads and click packages purchased and ready to go.  Once this have been delivered I will share my results on a new post.

Here’s the Cheat Sheet for this post via Slideshare

Dropcard Marketing | Create Your Own $100 Dropcards With This Template

Do It Yourself $100 Bill Drop Card Template

I can’t believe I have never come across this method of marketing.  It’s extremely cheap and very effective from what I’ve been told.

Yes, I’m referring to dropcard marketing.  You basically create these small cards that look exactly like $100 bills folded in half.  One side looks like the 100 dollar bill and the other has a marketing message along with a website.

I was introduced to this in the most recent “On The Rise” Marketing call featuring Manny Hernandez.  You can listen to a recording of this call on Soundcloud.

Example 100 Dollar Dropcard









Make sure your message is short and to the point.  Leave them curious and wanting to know more.  Make sure the url you leave is short and easy to remember.  I would recommend registering a few domain names so you can track where you left specific cards with specific domain names.  There are many registrars to choose from but I recommend using Name Cheap.  They have terrific prices and an very simple and easy to use interface.

Watch the video I created on how to register a domain name and redirect it to your offer.  In this example is was being redirected to my Digital Altitude Links.

As I mentioned, keep your domain names short and catchy.  Some examples:


Always try to register the .com if you can.  Some alternatives, .ca, .net and .org.

Placing your dropcards is an art within itself.  There are endless places that could result in quality leads.  Think of places where people go to find out how to invest, start businesses or dream.  Here are some places I’m planning to leave my dropcards.

Book store – inside books
University or Colleges
Lottery ticket booths
Investing Trade shows
Restaurant Bill holders
Public Transit stops
Mall Food Courts
Public Libraries
Vehicle Dealership Lounges
Coffee Shops
Gas Pumps

You can Download my Free $100 Dollar Drop Card Template Here.


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