Dropcard Marketing | Create Your Own $100 Dropcards With This Template

Do It Yourself $100 Bill Drop Card Template

I can’t believe I have never come across this method of marketing.  It’s extremely cheap and very effective from what I’ve been told.

Yes, I’m referring to dropcard marketing.  You basically create these small cards that look exactly like $100 bills folded in half.  One side looks like the 100 dollar bill and the other has a marketing message along with a website.

I was introduced to this in the most recent “On The Rise” Marketing call featuring Manny Hernandez.  You can listen to a recording of this call on Soundcloud.

Example 100 Dollar Dropcard









Make sure your message is short and to the point.  Leave them curious and wanting to know more.  Make sure the url you leave is short and easy to remember.  I would recommend registering a few domain names so you can track where you left specific cards with specific domain names.  There are many registrars to choose from but I recommend using Name Cheap.  They have terrific prices and an very simple and easy to use interface.

Watch the video I created on how to register a domain name and redirect it to your offer.  In this example is was being redirected to my Digital Altitude Links.

As I mentioned, keep your domain names short and catchy.  Some examples:


Always try to register the .com if you can.  Some alternatives are.co, .ca, .net and .org.

Placing your dropcards is an art within itself.  There are endless places that could result in quality leads.  Think of places where people go to find out how to invest, start businesses or dream.  Here are some places I’m planning to leave my dropcards.

Book store – inside books
University or Colleges
Lottery ticket booths
Investing Trade shows
Restaurant Bill holders
Public Transit stops
Mall Food Courts
Public Libraries
Vehicle Dealership Lounges
Coffee Shops
Gas Pumps

You can Download my Free $100 Dollar Drop Card Template Here.


You Risk Losing Money if You Don’t Track Your Optins

tracking is important

Even though I have been in the IM business for a while,  I am still new to the email marketing game.  What I found out quickly is that you need to track as many things as possible when it comes to your online business.

For the last few months I have been putting out many videos, Slideshares and content in order to lure unsuspecting 🙂 readers to my list.  So when I was finally able to get subscribers from these various sources I was pleasantly surprised.  The only problem was I had no idea where they were subscribing from.

Just a couple days ago I received 5 email subscribers and I had no idea where they subscribed from.  I was both excited and angry.  Excited for the subscribers and angry I had no idea what suddenly began working.

How I Plan on Correcting This

Tracking can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be…..at this stage I prefer easy.

Tracking Tip #1

Use free services like Bit.ly whenever possible.  Every time you send out a link in a Tweet, affiliate links, descriptions in a Youtube video try to make this a shortened Bit.ly link. They offer some very good stats like how many clicks you received, from what country, and the referrer.

Tracking Tip #2

Google Analytics is definitely your friend whenever you put up a site.  Place this tracking code wherever you can to take full advantage of these stats.  GetResponse also integrates with Google analytics to get you even better stats when it comes to your autoresponder.

Tracking Tip #3

Your autoresponder has many built-in features that you should always take advantage of.  My favorite,  GetResponse, is exceptional when to comes to tracking provided you have things setup properly (which I did not).  Setup different webforms for every unique property you have.  Copy existing webforms and name them properly.

Tracking Tip #4

Utilize the Pretty Link plugin for any affiliate links you plan on hosting from your wordpress site.  These will show how many clicks, where they came from and their referrer in most cases.  Although this is not the best tracking tool, it at least gives you an idea of what is and isn’t working.

Tracking Tip #5

If you plan on purchasing solo ads or some sort of paid advertising always, always setup the tracking code they provide.  This will tell you what is converting so you can ensure you are not wasting your money.

Many of the sites that host your content like YouTube and Slideshare have some very good analytics that can give you an idea of where your visitors are coming from and what brought them there.