Social Media Marketing University – How to Get Free Access to Courses

I’m extremely excited to be working on my Fast Track certification from the Social Media Marketing University (SMMU).

What is the SMMU and are they for real or just some fly-by night website.

This is real.


The Social Media Marketing University was founded by John Souza an ex-Wallstreet star that was sick and tired of the Finance Industry.

He walked away from his 7-figure job (yes, I said 7 figures) to start the Social Media Marketing University.  After training over 125,000 students and acquiring high level accreditation’s his University has become mainstream.


Hundreds of traditional Universities and Fortune 500 companies trust SMMU to provide quality social media training to their students and employees.



How Did I Get Free SMMU Training?

Recently, SMMU was proud to announce a partnership with Michael Force and the entire Digital Altitude team.  Every Rise member gets access to specific social media tracks that lead to a Fast Track certification…provided you pass the exam.

What does this training include?

Module 1: Twitter
Module 2: Facebook
Module 3: Linkedin
Module 4: Social Media Strategies
Module 5: Business Blogging
Fast track Certification Exam

Each of these module contains multiple sessions delivered online in video format.

I just recently began going through the session and have found the quality to be outstanding!  While many people are familiar with multiple social media platforms, it’s always great to see understand how this can be used for business the proper way.

I’m a huge fan of Digital Altitude and this was a complete surprise when I found out the SMMU training was included for all Rise members.  This is another reason why I am “planting my flag” within the DA community as these partnerships demonstrate even more trust and business acumen when real accredited educational institutions are willing to partner with companies like Digital Altitude.


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