How to Rank YouTube Videos – The Complete Guide

If you are reading this post you definitely understand the importance of video marketing and video SEO.  Youtube has taken over as the second most popular search engine over Yahoo and Bing.  Even more surprising is Youtube will soon surpass Google.

Video is more popular than ever and is being introduced into every popular social media platform online.  For starters, Youtube videos have massive preference in Google search results.  Youtube now favors live videos waay more than traditional uploaded videos.

Facebook loves Facebook live and gives these posts very high circulation compared to other posts.  Instagrm’s short videos are changing this platform into a huge engagement and money-making machines.

I can keep going but I think you get the point.  Video is hot and will continue to be the method of engaging with leads.

YouTube Video SEO – How to Rank Your Videos

You can simply upload videos to YouTube and have success but the chances of this happening a becoming less and less.  Much like traditional search engines can be influenced by SEO, YouTube is very similar.  The methods I’m about to show you are completely white-hat and really help ensure your video is indexed by YouTube properly.

YouTube favors certain elements within your video post that help it understand what your video is about in order to provide more accurate search results.

Copying videos, stuffing keywords, purchasing likes and views will get your videos removed and your account banned.  Do things right and YouTube will reward you with thousands of views for years to come.

Enough B.S, lets get into this.

Performing Keyword Research

If you want your video to rank high I suggest you perform some basic keyword research prior to even creating your video.

Before we begin with the keyword research you need to open a free account at  Then add the vidIQ vision for YouTube extension to your Chrome browser.  Then open a YouTube video and you should see the vidIQ login fields on the right hand side of Chrome. Login so information will automatically appear during for our future search results.

You don’t need any paid tools, the Google Keyword Planner will work just fine for this exercise.  Go ahead and search for this tool.  You may need to setup an Adwords account and begin to setup a campaign.  Don’t worry, we are not going to run any ads and this does not cost anything.

Watch this short video clip on how to use the keyword planner and what to look for.

Once you have finished with the keyword tool I would recommend searching your keyword in YouTube.  As you are typing the keyword watch what instant results appear.

Take a screenshot of this so you can later search for these proposed search terms.

Open the first couple of videos that appear after every search.  The vidIQ information should automatically appear in the right hand side.  Look at the tags and text in the description field.  These are attributes you may want to copy into your own video.

Now that you have a bunch of tags you can use for your video, we have an entire checklist of items to complete before our video is full optimized.

Make sure to change the name of your video file to your keyword prior to uploading it to YouTube.  Once the video has been uploaded, edit your video.  Scroll down and to the right you should see an SEO checklist provided by the vidIQ plugin.  We need to ensure each item has a green check mark.

Here’s the List

  1.  Add End Screen/Annotation
  2. Add a card
  3. Enable monetization
  4. Add closed captions
  5. Add to a playlist
  6. Share on Twitter
  7. Liked on Facebook
  8. Respond to a comment
  9. After posting video – add the video link in the description

If you take these steps before publishing any video you should see better results.  Not all videos will take off…some will get plenty of views while others will perform poorly.

Take massive imperfect action.

How to Do Video Marketing with YouTube

The Importance of YouTube Video Marketing

It’s been over a year now since I figured out which social media platform I was going to plant my flag on.  As you can guess by the title, Youtube was the winner.  I’m not even sure if this qualifies as a social media platform but it defintely has the reach and interaction that most social networks bring.  Most people in my position would prefer Facebook over any platform and I can’t say I disagree with them.  It’s by far the most popular and continues to occupy most people time.   What I dislike is the constant need to reply, message, like, etc every waking minute of the day.  With YouTube I can post my video and reply to comments as soon as I have time.
YouTube does have massive benefits which are undeniable and many times overlooked.  Let’s start with being the 2nd largest search engine after Google and by far the largest online video site.  More recently YouTube has added a LIVE feature which is great for webcasts to your followers.  This is also a sneaky way to get your videos ranked very high very quickly as LIVE videos are given more authority within YouTube’s search results.

What Kind of YouTube Videos Get Views?

Many times its the strangest videos that receive the most views but mostly I create how-to videos that explain how to install wordpress, create squeeze pages, register domain names, etc.  Even though there are thousands of similar videos, they still receive a large amount of views.
My second most popular video is the typical product review. YouTube is full of these videos so it can be very difficult to standout from the crowd.  Since I’m trying to build an actual following in Youtube I want to provide valuable content as opposed to constantly pitching products to people.  A few of these videos every now and again are fine but try not to over do it.

How Long Should My YouTube Videos Be?

The sweet spot seems to be anywhere from 2-10 minutes depending on the topic.  We all have short attention spans so making short and precise videos will get you a high % of your video viewed thus leading to better rankings.

What Should I Put in the Description of My Video

For one,  I would actual put a description of the video and what it exactly covers.  For review videos, include the affiliate link and a link to a blog post review (if available) otherwise add a link to a squeeze page or blog post.  Add the url for your video within the description after its been published. Make you you add a short title and url of 2-3 other YouTube videos related to the current video.

TIP:Ask them to like your video and to subscribe to your Channel.

 What Equipment Do I need to Record YouTube Videos

I keep it simple and stick to my Android S6 and a free program called for recording my screen.   I also purchased a $30 usb mic to improve the sound quality when I’m recording screencasts.

How to Improve Your Video Ranking

Just uploading your video to Youtube is not enough.  You need to ensure your video title, description and tags are all in line with each other.  You can also use a free tool called VidIQ to help you research popular videos and ensure you add the proper title and tags.

Make sure to create an eye-catching thumbnail for your video.  You can use the free the built-in custom thumbnail creator but its very limited. I use a cheap product called Youzign that is a cheap and easy-to-use online tool that can be used to create or edit any graphics.

Dropcard Marketing | Create Your Own $100 Dropcards With This Template

Do It Yourself $100 Bill Drop Card Template

I can’t believe I have never come across this method of marketing.  It’s extremely cheap and very effective from what I’ve been told.

Yes, I’m referring to dropcard marketing.  You basically create these small cards that look exactly like $100 bills folded in half.  One side looks like the 100 dollar bill and the other has a marketing message along with a website.

I was introduced to this in the most recent “On The Rise” Marketing call featuring Manny Hernandez.  You can listen to a recording of this call on Soundcloud.

Example 100 Dollar Dropcard









Make sure your message is short and to the point.  Leave them curious and wanting to know more.  Make sure the url you leave is short and easy to remember.  I would recommend registering a few domain names so you can track where you left specific cards with specific domain names.  There are many registrars to choose from but I recommend using Name Cheap.  They have terrific prices and an very simple and easy to use interface.

Watch the video I created on how to register a domain name and redirect it to your offer.  In this example is was being redirected to my Digital Altitude Links.

As I mentioned, keep your domain names short and catchy.  Some examples:


Always try to register the .com if you can.  Some alternatives, .ca, .net and .org.

Placing your dropcards is an art within itself.  There are endless places that could result in quality leads.  Think of places where people go to find out how to invest, start businesses or dream.  Here are some places I’m planning to leave my dropcards.

Book store – inside books
University or Colleges
Lottery ticket booths
Investing Trade shows
Restaurant Bill holders
Public Transit stops
Mall Food Courts
Public Libraries
Vehicle Dealership Lounges
Coffee Shops
Gas Pumps

You can Download my Free $100 Dollar Drop Card Template Here.


How to Create Your Own Click Magick Tracking

Creating Your Own Click Magick Tracking for Less

This post is in no way a slam against Click Magick, rather an alternative method of tracking your Internet Marketing activity.  I;m about to show you how to create your own hosted tracking tool that has a one-time cost and a very low recurring cost.  The only real recurring cost is hosting and a domain name.  If you are an existing Marketer, you probably already have both of these…so this would not be an extra cost.

Let’s just say you have nothing to make tings easier.   These are the items you need and their approximate cost.

Tool Required to Create Your Own Tracking Tool

Domain Name – Name Cheap ($10 /yr)

Hosting – Name Cheap ($50/yr)

AdTrackzGold ($77 one-time)

I made a short YouTube video describing how this can be done.

In short, this is a quick and easy setup.  Grab a domain and hosting, copy your tracking script into a folder on your hosting server and run through the quick setup.  Like I said, if you already have a domain and hosting you can use that or in my case I preferred to buy a new domain and place the script there.

This domain is easy to remember and can be referenced in audio in a way that should not lead to spelling mistakes or misinterpretation.

I placed a static page on the root of explaining what this site is used for.

Hope this helps…subscribe to future posts